What is WordPress? For Beginners

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Do you want to build a website on the most trusted platform? If yes, then your best bet is WordPress. If you search Google you will find dozens of tutorials on WordPress installations. And that’s great! It is the best step in the right direction. But what exactly is WordPress?

Apart from being the simplest and most reliable website managing platform. WordPress is also the most popular way users build their website from scratch.

WordPress is an open-source software that gives the user a ton of control over its customization. Let’s look at it from a more technical perspective along with its history and importance to anyone who wants to use the best website content management system.

What is WordPress at its Core?

WordPress is a Content Management System. Content Management Systems (CMS) are software that creates and organize your website content. Your CMS provides you with tools, like widgets that help you to produce and present your information with ease. WordPress is an Open Source CMS that provides tools for website creation for individuals, it requires no coding experience. This means that WordPress is, therefore, free to install and modify by anyone that wishes.

WordPress Dashboard
WordPress Dashboard

WordPress is an Open Source CMS that provides tools for website creation for individuals. It requires no coding experience.

Is it WordPress.org or WordPress.com?

There are actually two types of WordPress. WordPress.org is the free, open-source platform for managing websites with the greatest flexibility and WordPress.com is the paid-for platform that is limited in functionality compared to the former.

  • WordPress.org is a self-hosting platform that allows you to have independent hosting as well as a custom domain name. When people want the best options for customizing their site WordPress.org is the go-to option that gives you that freedom.
    WordPress.org gives you the ability to truly own your website and provides thousands of resources for you to pick and choose from.
  • WordPress.com is a done-for-you hosting platform that manages your hosting for you and it offers free domains with the “wordpress.com” extension at the end.
    This is great for most bloggers who want to experience what it is like to produce original content before actually buying.
    Of course, you can purchase the domain name you want for a fee included in the hosting package. Your website will be “owned” by the WordPress.com platform which has authoritative control over the management of it.

Although WordPress.org and WordPress.com use the same WordPress software, most persons use wordpress.org as it allows true flexibility that is unmatched.

WordPress offers unmatched flexibility. Click To Tweet

If you want the power of control with truly owning your site then getting an independent hosting and custom domain name is the first step in using this powerful software.

Why does most of the internet use WordPress?

Managing around 34% of the websites on the internet based on a report from W3techs WordPress is the most used CMS as of 2019. As a result, the CMS giant has ensured that it stands out from the competition with industry-leading functions. But how exactly?

1. WordPress is Open Source

WordPress isn’t owned and developed by any specific company or person. This platform boasts to be “free” by having a community of members contributing to the development of the software. Tens of thousands of people gather together and give their ideas to a “core team” which lead project development. Then this results in bug fixes, patches, and decisions that make their way into updates. Become a developer is your wish! It’s that easy.

Become a Contributor today!

WordPress is “free” to use and modify, however, there are costs associated with hosting WordPress and adding some plugin features

2. WordPress is Secure.

As online attacks are no longer taboo, neither is online security. As a result, your WordPress platform offers a myriad of tools designed to eliminate and block threats. For Example: Limiting password attempts, logging out idle users and adding two-factor authentication.

WordPress’s security is constantly being updated however security plugins are available for extra layers of protection.

3. WordPress is Easy to Use.

With software designed for non-technical users in mind, WordPress has a very shallow learning curve in order to get on with your first project. There are themes that you simply install and start configuring your site right away. To add functionality, like contact forms or pop-up messages, use a plugin. You can totally build a website without writing a single line of code. Which in turn makes turn around time for development concise.

WordPress has simplified its page editing process by implementing the Gutenberg editor from 2017. Gutenberg allows content to be placed in individual blocks that you can rearrange on a page or post. This feature was built into WordPress as it always seeks to ensure its non-technical users have ease of use. However, there have been complaints among the more savant users who prefer to use the classic editor for pages/posts.

Navigate to Appearance> Themes: Click Add New to choose from the theme library.

3. WordPress encourages website traffic.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the quality and quantity of increasing meaningful traffic to your website. Therefore, it is no surprise that WordPress endorses tools that make your website more visible to potential viewers. From SEO friendly coded themes to providing plugins like Yoast SEO, which is the most popular WordPress tool used for search engine optimization. Your website is guaranteed SEO ready once you get started.

Yoast SEO
Download Yoast For Free or Purchase for *$89.

WordPress provides SEO friendly coded themes and plugins like Yoast SEO, which is the most popular WordPress tool used for search engine optimization.

4. WordPress Features can be extended

The power in WordPress lies in its themes and plugins.
Themes – Are the layouts that provide all the styling (look and feel) of your website.

Plugins – These are the components that provide the functionality to your website, such as Creating forms, creating popups or creating an online store.

Choose from thousands of free themes and plugins that require ‘non-technical’ skills to use. With over 50,000 plugins and 5,000 themes. You can get all you need on your dashboard, installed with the click of a button.

If you are stuck with your design skills you can use a plugin that allows you to build your website visually, for free. Then, add features such as analytics, building email lists, sending out promotions while expanding your website’s reach.

5. WordPress supports all media types.

Right out of the box, WordPress gives you the freedom to use a combination of text, video or images on your site. It does not limit you to use only specific media types. It supports all with maximum sizes depending upon your hosting provider, which can be altered as well.

History of WordPress.

In 2003, WordPress was created by Matt Mullenweg along with some of his friends. Matt took the existing b2/cafelog software and modified it on SourceForge and that’s how WordPress was born. The first version of WordPress was codenamed “Davis” in rendition to the jazz artist Miles Davis.

Since 2004 when WordPress 1.0 was officially made public, there has been no turning back. And as of this article, WordPress has evolved into version 5.2.4 and is constantly updated to improve website managing experience.

How WordPress attracted users.

A modification in the competition’s pricing structure led customers to seek alternative CMS platforms. This led to the initial gravitation of customers to WordPress. Matt would go on to start his company Automattic where he raised $1.10 Million dollars as a result of investors supporting the project.


Who uses WordPress?

Millions of passionate people use WordPress ranging from bloggers to large corporations such as Microsoft. WordPress simply has the ability to adapt to any idea that you have in your mind. It is only limited by you.

Microsoft uses WordPress to run its blog and for products like Skype, as well as Windows.

Who uses wordpress
Microsoft’s Skype. Powered By WordPress.

Whitehouse.gov is powered by WordPress

whitehouse uses wordpress
Secure enough for the government.

The City University of New York uses WordPress for its official website.

University of new york
WordPress for Education

WordPress users are packed with diversity, additionally, with WordPress, you can create :

  • Blogs
  • Portfolios
  • Resumes
  • Social networks
  • Membership sites
  • e-commerce stores
  • any website you can think of.

WordPress Support

Need more information? There is a ton of information available at your disposal. Don’t be afraid to reach out to:

  • Blogs
  • Tutorials
  • Forums
  • Developers

From these sources, both free and paid help is available. Sitepact offers technical assistance for persons who want to build their website or want to manage an existing site. Just let us do the heavy lifting while you build your audience’s value for the experience.

Here are some tools and resources to get you started on your WordPress journey.

  1. Hosting Siteground has premium WordPress hosting and domain name purchases. Check them out as they are one of the hosting companies officially recommended by WordPress.
    With this hosting platform, you can guarantee 24-hour technical support and speed that you can’t compare to any other in its league.
  2. Page Builder Elementor is one of the easiest page builders to use to build your website from scratch. Trusted by over 3 million people, its visual interface allows you to create posts and pages on your website with useful features.
  3. SEOYoast SEO is the best in its category for all your SEO needs. This tool has features to ensure that all your content is optimized with internet standards that search engines look out for.
  4. SecurityWordFence gives you the ability to monitor all the traffic visiting your site. It reports findings to your email based on your preference and allows you the ability to block threats by IP, region or name.
  5. e-CommerceWooCommerce allows you to build and manage your online store in its entirety from product listings to check out. Advance your business with this tool as unlimited customizations are at your fingertips.

So What is WordPress?

In a nutshell, WordPress is the most trusted way to build your website. Whether you just want a personal blog or run an online store. WordPress is the ultimate tool for the job. This is the reason for its massive user base. So whether you are an experienced developer or a novice in website building, WordPress definitely has you covered.

WordPress is the most trusted way to build your website Click To Tweet

Having trouble finding a web developer?

Take advantage of Sitepact’s plugin library with over $1000 worth of plugins and development skills. Sitepact offers premium web development and website maintenance packages to all website types. Reach out to us today to get your project on the way!

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