Why You Need WordPress Maintenance in 2020

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Here’s why need WordPress Maintenance.

WordPress is the most popular CMS powering over 30% of the internet. With owning 60% of the market shares WordPress certainly has the attention of everybody.

However, being so large, WordPress is also the most hacked CMS on the planet.

In 2018 90% of the sites hacked were WordPress websites. 68% of those sites were hacked because of backdoors. 58% were used to host malware operations. 51% of those sites saw SEO spam injections. What does this mean for your website? You need maintenance.

Image Source Sucuri

If you’re new to WordPress don’t be startled. If you’re experienced. You know that you can never be too sure. Check out Sitepact’s site care plans with access to over $2000 worth of premium plugins. Sitepact Ensures the professional upkeep of your WordPress Website guaranteed!

Advantages of Having a Website.

Open all day

Having an online presence affords you 24/7 hour open times.

So having a secure website affords you 24/7/365 uptime.

And if this is your revenue stream, then you will want it to be as secure as possible.

Don’t have a website? Reach out to us for professional site development and site care. Contact Us

Information for clients readily available

Have you ever stopped focusing on serving a client to answer a question about your business? If that information is readily available 24/7 then the chances of these progressive interruptions could be limited. Instead, potential clients could go straight to contacting you and or buying your products.

-Sitepact Readily Available information

Sell through an online store

Without having a physical location setup that costs money to set up. Use your website to sell products and services to others through the reach you have.  You should set up your SSL certificate if you want to give trust to your users.

SiteGround is a good host that provides this service for free. (EIG Companies charge money for this)

-Online store Etsy

More awareness

If you have useful content and you’re generating good results for your clients you will get recommendations. The internet is big and though you need to be promoting yourself, you cannot beat word of mouth.

Make sure you have good products and services.

Market them well.

You will get referrals.

You can start affiliate programs to share a small percentage of your sales with persons who help spread the word. If you’re looking to make some money, join some affiliate programs as well.

– Example of how one store generates awareness

Institutional services

Ever wondered how you can get your custom email? Well, this is provided by your host, which houses your website. So good host + relevant website + custom emails = professionalism.

for example, if you need a freelance writer you can email me at daniel@essentialonlinetechniques.com 😉

Share Relevant News

If something happens immediately in your company. No need to call every one of your clients.

Shoot them an email and put up a notice for emergencies. Use a blog to communicate important information specific to your industry. Relay deals, discounts partnerships, and promotions by simply posting.

If you are a good source then you can attract new clients through producing content. In order for Google to rank you efficiently, you should ensure that your SEO is in the right order.

– Siteground’s news

Reduce Ad Cost

Advertising on the internet is cheap. Compared it to print media and television and radio. It’s economical and it does drive results. You can also hire social media marketers/influencers who get things done.

Create Ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to reach people. Another source of revenues is AdSense from Google.

Where you display Ads on your site and get money based on views or clicks. It can be small if you don’t generate a lot of traffic but just might add up;).

Increase sales

You’ve created your awesome website, optimize SEO, deliver results, share useful content and advertise well. Sales will Increase. You might even open up other opportunities for revenue. You can lease your blog to persons who are dedicated to focus on getting results. It’s not passive but it works.

Website Maintenance factors.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is how well Search engines “rank” your page. Poorly maintained websites suffer if their SEO is not configured properly. You have to keep up to date with search engine algorithms.

Google alone has 200 different ranking factors. The algorithms of these search engines are constantly being updated so you have to stay abreast to keep ranking successfully.

-See, I told you so

Speed – 40 percent of people leave your website if it loads over 3 seconds. Having a good website that ranks properly but loads slowly will do you no good. If your site is slow and you’re getting a lot of traffic it’s going to get slower over time.

Security – WordPress is the most hacked CMS. If you care about protecting your customers online (and you should). You should make your site secure. Use plugins and things like SSL certificates that protect buyer’s information. The technicality of this expands to coding and we’ll explore this some more in this article

-Using Securi Plugin is a massive plus.

Can you really do it yourself?

The short answer is Yes you can but you shouldn’t. Starting out and managing your website is a must and when it gets technical it will eat away at your time.

You should have a knowledge of the inner workings and you should know what to secure. This is useful when you have to “jump on the wheels” for yourself but not to specialize (unless this is your job).

-We Specialize in site care maintenance so you won’t have to

Tasks like these are what you call business processes. While important they are better delegated when you can afford to. Specializing is results and driving your company in your desired direction is what you should specialize in.

Why you can’t just leave it to run itself.

If WordPress’s statistics don’t scare you then go ahead. The fact that the internet changes every day should drive you to get your site properly maintained.

The cost of website maintenance.

The highest cost of website maintenance is time. It all comes down to dedication and study. Cyberspace only needs cyber education to offer cybersecurity.

As mentioned before, it takes time to learn and this is where you would be learning more of coding. It is more robust to protect your business physically but in the online space, you have to develop soft skills such as hacking.

There are IT security certificates and courses in universities but spending the time to learn on your own even after you get these certificates will make you and your site more secure.

Money is only the second factor to consider. The cost for a custom developed website can go up to $2000 a month depending o industry. Which is a lot especially if your business is not making a ton of money

Thankfully if you’re using WordPress, using a good website care management company like sitepact will cost you much less.

Visit our prices page to find out more

For blogs, small to medium online stores and blogs, large stores and blogs

Consequencies of not maintaining.


1. Losing customer data – When your customers trust you with their data. Whether they are conscious of it or not, they are trusting you hoping you’ll keep their data secure and not use it in any unlawful way.

Hackers can be hired by your competition to steal your data and your clients. Injecting their own code into your website to point it to theirs is not uncommon. When you lose your customers, you damage your purpose. I mean, not even Facebook is fully immune either.

2. Losing trust – After you’ve lost your customer data, you’ll eventually lose trust. you’ve shown that you are unable to handle people’s data and their trust that they give to you. This is not a bad thing, it’s actually natural.

What’s bad is not reacting in a way to encourage growth or strengthening these relationships. Learning from these mistakes is better than throwing your hands in the air. Use proper site care measures.

-Well you don’t want to be on this list

3. Loss of professionalism – All your efforts could look like a lie if you don’t produce the results. You can always bounce back but it is best to avoid this state of operation, to begin with.


Your site won’t rank well – This means you won’t get enough traffic. And that’s not the aim of your online business (unless it is).


A slow site is better than no site but a speedy website is better than a slow website. If you want more revenue, use proper site care measures to increase your website speed.


5 Ways how you can maintain your website.

1. Choosing a fast, reliable host – We recommend SiteGround but there are others.

We like SiteGround because.

They are officially recommended by WordPress

They always use updated technology. (php 7.3)

Free SSL

99.99 % uptime

24/7 support

Automatic Backups

Free CDN

Free website migrations

Best customer service I have come upon so far (24/7)

2. Updates – After you’ve secured a host you ought to make sure that you update your WordPress version, theme and plugins manually. You can automate the process from tips that I have left in this article.

3. Plugins – Speed – W3 Total Cache or WP Rocket, WP Smush (for image compression), CloudFlare CDN, SEO – YOAST, Security WordFence, Sucuri

4. Backups – Using Plugin called UpdraftPlus

5. Outsource – Hire a professional so you can get back to focusing on business. You can find many online that could work. It’s a matter of choice, at Sitepact is our aim is to focus on what we do so that you can focus on what you do.

-Contact us today! What are you waiting for?


Website Maintenance is that thing that you think you’ve got, then you realize you don’t. It’s a whole internet artform that allows constant learning and creating new limits.

When a website is down, though unfavorable, getting it back up and preventing it from happening a rewarding feeling that cannot be matched.

Why do you need website maintenance? Because the internet has a lot of critics and thieves who don’t want to see your business flourish.

With all the bad comes the ones who are genuinely interested in your best interests at heart. No greater joy is there except for those who understand you and want to see you succeed as much as you do.

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