Focusing on website design and development allows our client to work alongside a consistent team of developers from development to completion and long term maintenance.

You can send us your website credentials at checkout (recommended), however, you can also send it via email after you sign up for the service. Please use the same email you used to sign up to send us our information. For added security, you may use https://privnote.com/ to send us your information. The note will self destruct after it is opened once. That way you ensure the security of your credentials.

Yes, We Can! Simply signup for a Partner Plan send us your details and we will clean your site as well as implement some security measures to strengthen your website security.

Once you sign up for a plan and send us your credentials, your website will be optimized in accordance with the features included in the plan you purchased. This process can take anywhere from 12-24 hours. You will receive your first report at the end of that week. If you have a hacked website it will be treated with urgency and we will start working immediately to recover your website

We are not your regular website managers that only handles day to day website upkeep. All our WordPress Website Maintainers are also Expert Coders, Designers, and Developers. Therefore, no matter where your maintenance issue lies we have a team member that can fix it. Our aim to become CTOs for the businesses and individuals we partner with. We stand behind our pact!

Yes, we do! This is available on our Essential Plus and Partner Plans. Send us your content/content change from our support area and an agent will make the update in no time. You will be notified by email when the change is made via our support desk. If your change is simple enough you may even be able to solve it on live chat!

Yes, We Do. However, as WooCommerce websites are more complex and require more work to maintain it requires our Essential Plus plan or higher. If your website uses custom code along with WooCommerce then you will need to contact us before purchasing one of our plans.

If you need us to provide website edits you will need to upgrade to our Essential Plus or Partner Plan. One time edits and updates are not always the best options since website maintenance is always an ongoing process. Constantly updating, optimizing and cleaning, a one time edit will simply not give you that, hence the nature of our service.

Website edits include edits to content, posting blog content (that you send us), changing plugin settings and CSS adjustments. It does not include custom development (PHP, plugins, themes, etc), graphic design, PSD to WordPress or building out a new website or subdomain installation.

Most Definitely! Choose any plan for any term and change it at any time as you feel it is convenient.
Our yearly pricing offers discounts but we understand that you may want to “test us out” first. You are welcome to ?

Sitepact is also a Web Design and Development company. Therefore, custom development outside the scope of Our Maintainance Plans is never a problem. Our Custom development fee is reasonable at $35 per hour. You can contact us and discuss the specifics with an expert or negotiate to get an accurate quote and we will begin working as soon as you are ready.

Sitepact has partnered with Sucurri to give you the best WordPress Website security. Your website will be scanned and monitored 24/7 and our team will be alerted in 60 seconds if anything out of the ordinary is detected. These alerts are handled with utmost priority as the security of your website is in our best interest.

Our Maintenance Plans cover one domain. Therefore, if you have multiple websites you will need to purchase more than one of our maintenance plans. If you have 3 or more websites you can contact us for a bundle deal!
No. We do recommend hosts but it really does not matter. We will maintain your website despite where it is hosted. If you choose to use our Recommended Hosts you can find them here.