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Gutenberg Editor: WordPress Tutorial

The Gutenberg Editor has been a major update to WordPress introduced at version 5.0. The purpose is to make WordPress more powerful and easier to


20 best WordPress themes for 2020

WordPress Theme choice is one of the most important decisions to make after you’ve chosen a proper host. Beginners, savvy business owners, freelancers and industries

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18 Ways to Speed up WordPress Admin Dashboard

Is your WordPress Admin Dashboard crawling at snail speed? Have you tried everything only to see it upgrade to a turtle? Having a slow WordPress

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5 Best WordPress Website Speed Test Tools 2020

Along with security and authority, your website speed is critical to how successful you are on the internet. But why? If your website is slow,


What is WordPress? For Beginners

Do you want to build a website on the most trusted platform? If yes, then your best bet is WordPress. If you search Google you

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Why You Need WordPress Maintenance in 2020

Here’s why need WordPress Maintenance. WordPress is the most popular CMS powering over 30% of the internet. With owning 60% of the market shares WordPress