Best WordPress Calendar Plugins for Upcoming events (2020)

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With the right WordPress calendar plugin, you can save money, boost credibility and be more organized. Having a good calendar plugin can also increase customer interactions.

There are many free options available that can provide most of what you will need. But oftentimes getting a premium plugin can often spell the difference between being professional or not. Luckily, you can preview both free and paid plugins before buying them.

With that being said, we have compiled the best options based on purchase volume and installation statistics.

Let’s begin.

Best Premium WordPress Calendar plugins

1. EventOn

Eventon calendar plugin

EventOn is the #1 best-selling WordPress calendar plugin on Code Canyon. It allows you to save time while customising your events with ease.

EventOn’s feature-rich design allows you to create events that can span over the entire month or year. Set thumbnail images, then add unlimited custom media for the event.

Along with that, you can add short event descriptions. Then, if your clients do not know where, you can simply add the location via google maps.

You can even add a location image to ensure your clients get to the right place.

This plugin allows you to input data about yourself as the event organizer so that your clients can read. And then for payments, you can set up secure payments by PayPal.

You can download the ICS file to use by any calendar app you use.

Other features of EventOn:

  • Categorize events by event type
  • Place widgets on your website using WP Widgets or using shortcodes
  • AutoComplete events that have passed
  • View events gradually using pagination
  • Search for events
  • Boost search engine visibility using JSON-LD Schema
  • Automatically delete events that have passed
  • Hide past events
  • Extend events until the end time, while concealing the end time
  • Group events by location
  • Customize calendar look
  • Support RTL for other languages
  • Customize user interaction with a single event, lightbox or do nothing.
  • Share across relevant social media platforms
  • Choose your time format
  • Customize using font awesome icons
  • Describe your events with custom meta fields
  • Sort and filter events
  • Filter events by custom categories
  • Custom repeat events for certain days or any schedule
  • Launch events that span multiple days
  • Reorder event’s data fields
  • Highlight featured events

Talk about feature-rich! Furthermore, EventOn allows you to add extra features with more in-house add-ons.

2. Bookly Pro

Bookly pro wordpress appointment booking plugin for all types of businesses

Bookly Pro has up to 28,000 active installations to date, and is designed with compatibility across a wide range of businesses. Whether you’re a freelancer or a team, you can display your schedule for clients to book and pay online or directly.

Save time with Bookly Pro by automating the booking process completely. With SMS and email notifications you do not have to send any reminders manually.

Additionally, you get translations for your customer’s local language, and it’s all easy to set up.

Other benefits of using Bookly Pro

  • Mobile Optimizations
  • Google Calendar integration
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Customizable design and Simple UI
  • Add different team members so clients choose who to book (Add Unlimited staff)
  • Unlimited booking forms
  • Allow customer to edit bookings online
  • View in daily, weekly or monthly modes
  • Search and sort bookings using filters
  • CSV files
  • Set notice periods for cancellations
  • Cancel by staff or customer
  • Organize information displayed in the calendar
  • Color Code services
  • Define custom schedule
  • Constant updates
  • Extend features with Add-ons
    • Allow group Bookings
    • Use Coupons for promotion
    • Allow clients to book multiple services (in a single visit and in one session)
    • Back to back appointments
    • Accept deposits
    • Custom locations
    • Set special prices and services for a specific time of day
    • Repeat timed appointments
    • Update the waiting list for cancelled appointments
    • Attach files
    • Send custom invoices automatically
    • Rate staff members
    • Add tax calculations
    • Built-in analytics
  • Excellent Support

Bookly Pro gets to the point with its design and services. And, the best part for all these features is only a one-time payment.

3. Calendarize it!

Calendarize it for wordpress

Calendarize It! relies on shortcodes to display simple calendars for your WordPress bookings.

Add custom calendar views by inputting the specific code anywhere on your website. Add custom images, times and dates.

Also, Calendarize it is fully compatible with WP Bakery Page Builder, so that makes customizing it much easier.

There is translation support for customers of different regions and it’s packed with Free and paid addons.

Other features of Calendarize it includes:

  • Customize color with visual CSS
  • Customize map views and map style
  • Organize events in grids
  • Link events to specific websites
  • Add countdown for your events
  • Look at your events in a yearly view
  • Add ratings and reviews to your events
  • Share your events via social media
  • Group Events in taxonomies
  • Paid Addons
    • Advertising options for your events
    • Add WooCommerce customer payments
    • Sell event tickets
    • Enable RSVP

“Right Here” is the name of the team responsible for Calendarize it. They invite you to try the plugin before purchasing it, so you can give it a try before you buy it.

4. Booked – Appointment booking for WordPress

Booked appointment calendar for wordpress events

Booked is a simple Appointment calendar for WordPress; It’s minimal and Woocommerce ready.

Booking means you simply click on a day to see how many sessions are available, then with a few more clicks your appointment is set.

The appointment is sent to the email of the admin, who has the ability to deny or accept the appointment.

Booked has shortcodes available to show different days, weeks, months or years for clients to choose from.

Here are some other benefits of using Booked:

  • Mobile responsive
  • Allow guest booking or registered user booking
  • Customize to any color you choose
  • Add widgets and shortcodes to any area on your website
  • Input custom fields
  • Add events to google calendars
  • Set up is simple
  • Customers edit appointments
  • Translation ready
  • Collect information from customers for every appointment

Booked is very powerful and easy to use. Their support is always ready, and if you would like to see what they can do then try their live demo

5. Timetable – Responsive Schedule for WordPress

Timetable allows you to create fully responsive schedules within minutes. The plugin comes fully supported and should work with all WordPress themes

You can organize events by location, days, time and type of events. What’s good is this plugin also allows you the ability to download the events in a PDF format.

All the features of this plugin include:

  • Fully responsive
  • Use widgets to display events on your website
  • Visual Composer compatible
  • Generate shortcodes to place on your website
  • Customize to match your website theme
  • Add links to a specific website for your events
  • Language translation-ready
  • Display upcoming events
  • Choose custom fonts from Google font Library
  • Import demo content automatically

Timetable has over 8,000 active installations on Codecanyon which is very impressive. Find out why so many people use it.

6. WordPress Pro Event Calendar

WordPress Pro Event Calendar is a fully responsive calendar that gives visitors the ability to submit events and much more.

Their design system comprises a light skin that allows for a more minimalistic look; show multiple views and set events to happen on specific time intervals. For example, The third Sunday in every month.

This premium calendar is loved by over 6600 persons. And here’s why.

  • Input special days such as Holidays
  • Import events
  • Sync calendar with ICS live URL
  • Change the design with custom CSS
  • Export bookings to Excel
  • Set the booking limit per event
  • Use Google maps to add event location
  • Support for RTL
  • Show events with widgets
  • Allow users to subscribe to a specific calendar
  • Advanced recurring event settings
  • Input custom events fields
  • iCal and RSS support
  • Search and filter events
  • Cache technology for fast load times
  • Translation ready
  • Cross-browser compatible

This pro calendar is designed sleek and user friendly. Experience the features first by trying their demo, then you can purchase to maximize on the benefits.

7. Events Schedule WordPress events Calendar

Events Schedule is a simple plugin that comes with 12 different styles. It’s a simple design that allows you to organize classes and events. You can set up weekly, monthly or daily schedules and tell your customers to pay for bookings using WooCommerce integration.

Events Schedule is designed to fit any type of schedule and it is also customizable with its own visual composer.

You would have no problem using this plugin as it is compatible with 99% of premium themes.

The features of this plugin include

  • Customize the look advanced coloring options
  • Easy to build schedules that require no coding experience
  • Explore more with online documentation
  • SEO friendly code
  • Build schedules fast with visual composer
  • Input schedule on the website using shortcodes

Events schedule allows you to ask pre-sales question before purchasing, and also you can preview live demonstration before you buy.

8. HBook – Hotel booking system – WordPress Plugin

Hbook hotel booking system

HBook is specific to hotels (real estate). This plugin allows you to manage online reservations directly from your website.

Because of its design, it fits perfectly with your theme; it adapts to your theme settings.

When you place a booking on your website you can add extra services and let the clients choose how they pay you. You can also offer discounts vouchers and automatic fees such as tax to be in the prices.

This plugin also allows you to have a minimum deposit fee, and using stripe you can also refund your clients.

These are the features that HBook include:

  • Multiple language support
  • Customize any text to be displayed how you wanted to
  • Translate languages to your language
  • Display preparation time for appointments
  • Send emails about cancellations confirmations
  • Update your pricing for different packages
  • Synchronize with your Google calendars
  • Choose to pay from 14 different methods

Being specific to the hotel industry, Hbook specializes in hotels, apartments for rent and Airbnb. This plugin is fully compatible with all of WordPress themes.

9. Event Booking Pro

Event booking pro plugin

Event Booking Pro is a simple plugin that is packed with features. When you make your events, your clients can see how many spots are available, time for the event and location.

Set the price to be displayed or hidden, also promote by adding coupons. If your clients have a different language you can translate to their local dialect.

This booking calendar is simple looking, easy to navigate and easily integrated into Google calendar.

Other features of Event Booking Pro are:

  • Conveniently make appointments with offline booking
  • Integrate many different currency types
  • Factor in cost for taxes
  • Sort events by categories
  • Create multiple ticket types for events
  • Integrate into your website using shortcodes
  • Customize everything: text, look, size, etc.
  • Use fewer resources with Lazy load
  • Edit seamlessly with the visual editor
  • Filter event lists
  • Confirmations, cancellations, and notifications sent by email
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Add unlimited events and recurring events
  • Extend usability with Add-ons

Moe Haydar gives unlimited free updates and support after purchase. You can also demo the plugin before you buy it.

10. Team Booking

Team booking calendar plugin for upcoming events

Team booking’s unique system allows you to make appointments directly with Google Calendars and work in teams to create individual schedules and availabilities. Also, it shows upcoming events.

The best thing about this calendar is that it offers all the features of the Google calendar.

Other benefits of Team Booking are:

  • Create unlimited events
  • Approve event registrations
  • Cancel events (Client)
  • Collect client data with personalized forms
  • Send out email notifications
  • Translate to client language
  • Allow clients to pay by PayPal or Stripe
  • Create unlimited events
  • Place calendars on your website using shortcodes
  • Integrate API into your developments and projects.
  • Buy Multiple tickets for your bookings

Team Booking is an exciting platform that is legitimized by the union with Google calendar. Try using the plugin here.

11. RnB – WooCommerce rental and booking plugin

Rnb rental and booking plugin

RnB is a simple rental plugin used for industries that offer rentals such as cars, bikes, hotels, and equipment.

Rentals can be priced based on time and distance. This plugin comes with features to calculate prices based on these parameters.

Other features of RnB include:

  • Display existing inventory using RnB management system
  • Show which items are available at specific times
  • Request a price quote based on service offered
  • Automatic order management system
  • Stripe, PayPal and WooCommerce integration
  • Support multiple languages

RnB is filled with video tutorials on how to get started using this cutting edge plugin. View their demos here.

Best Free Calendar Plugins

12. The Events Calendar

the events calendar

The Events calendar is the most popular free WordPress calendar. It’s a beautiful design that comes with multiple views. A simple calendar where once you set an event your customers can search using specific keywords.

Click on an event and you can see similar events that will be done in the future.

You can also export events to sync with Google calendar and other calendar apps.

Other features of Events Calendar include:

  • Search for events using keywords
  • Display events using widgets
  • Events optimized for any device
  • Sync content with AJAX support
  • Create and save content
  • Pro features
    • Preview events using photos
    • Find your location easily with maps
    • Search for events by location
    • Add regular occurring events
    • Input data with additional fields
    • Place events around your site with shortcodes

The team at Modern tribe supports the events calendar. They listen to feedback and provide updates accordingly. Their range of products includes ticket system, email marketing systems, crowdsourcing systems, and event management systems.

Preview their awesome features here.

13. Modern Events Calendar lite

modern events calendar lite calendar plugin

Modern Events Calendar is a simple events plugin with an extreme amount of free features.

Showcase your event with the event’s image. Users will see the countdown, can be directed to an external page and can sync to their calendar.

Add an all-day event, multiple-day events, hourly schedule or only featured events. Any type of event you choose for your specific industry.

Here are some more awesome features:

  • Customize the look by choosing colors
  • Define events by using desired labels
  • Support for RTL languages
  • Support for multiple language translations
  • Find events in specific locations
  • Customize with font awesome icons
  • Account for event local time
  • Set different ticket types
  • Design custom event booking forms
  • Create events that never end
  • Set events to finish after repeating a specific number of times.
  • Display if events have been cancelled
  • Hide events that have passed with shortcodes
  • Find events based on different parameters
  • And much more.

Modern events calendar provides much of the features that premium calendars offer, for free. View demo here.

14. Booking Calendar

booking calendar plugin

Booking Calendar offers premier solutions for booking reservations and rental services. Industries such as Large or small Hotels, Airbnb owners, doctors or gyms can capitalize using this platform.

Customers make reservations for specific times based on their selected property. They are afforded the option of paying online for their bookings. You will receive email notifications and you are able to manage the reservations.

Other features of this plugin include:

  • Interactive design that fits any platform
  • Create unlimited calendars
  • Input desired calendar fields
  • Set up an email notification system for bookings
  • Configure online payments with popular payment platforms
  • Set up multiple bookings for the same day with different clients
  • Configure rates depending on specific times, add discounts with coupons
  • Create availability for specific reasons
  • Support multiple languages
  • Usability for different persons
  • And more reasons

Booking calendar’s free version offers a versatile array of features. Many users decide to upgrade to their pro version simply because of its value and amazing support.

Try the demo and download here

15. My Calendar

My calendar booking plugin

My Calendar is an open-source calendar plugin that is bundled with My Tickets to sell tickets to clients.

This plugin was built to be accessible to anyone and it is easily customizable. Simply choose the event that you want and then reserve. Emails are sent to the admin on details where events can be managed.

Features of this plugin include:

  • View the calendar in multiple views
  • Display events and mini calendars using shortcodes and widgets
  • Filter events by specific categories
  • Customize CSS and javascript interactions
  • Manage recurring events
  • Post events to twitter (with WP to twitter)
  • Edit and define event location
  • Integrate events from remote databases
  • Implement on multiple sites
  • Pro features
    • Receive paid or free event submissions from site visitors
    • Edit events from the front end
    • Sync events to blog posts
    • Add extra responsiveness
    • Use added search features
    • Sync events from URLs

If using this plugin isn’t straightforward to you, buy their user guide. But if you want to get a feel of the plugin, try using the demo here

16. WP Simple Booking Calendar

wp simple booking calendar

WP Simple Booking Calendar is a minimalist calendar that focuses on homes available for rent. Save time by displaying availability for your rooms or properties.

Customers simply choose the available date and submit their reservations. Simply like any good booking calendar. Its power is in its simplicity.

Features of this calendar plugin include:

  • Define symbols with legends
  • Easy to use
  • Responsive on any platform
  • Translate to desired languages
  • Backup and restore data
  • Pro features
    • Create unlimited calendars
    • Sync your calendar with popular sites like, Airbnb, etc.
    • Edit in bulk with advanced editing features.
    • Input custom language
    • Create CSV exports
    • Delegate calendars to specific users
    • Change week and year start date
    • Add tooltip information
    • Take advantage of Multisite support
    • Premium plugin support

WP Simple Booking Calendar is an effective calendar with stellar maintenance. Try their demo here.

17. Amelia Events and Appointments Booking Calendar


Amelia is an open-source plugin that makes it easy to make appointments in seconds. Its award-winning design makes it easy to look at and is customizable among varying industries.

Whether healthcare, fitness, beauty or consultancy, you will find it able to customize to your needs.

Features of this awesome plugin include:

  • Customize default time slot duration
  • Set the default status for appointments
  • Customize the minimum time required for bookings
  • Allow users to cancel after a minimum time has elapsed
  • Set the user’s phone area code
  • Enable contact fields as mandatory
  • Display time in client’s timezone
  • Let customers import bookings to their calendar
  • Define items to show per page
  • Add google map location (API)
  • Set URL for clients to go to once they finish booking
  • Analyze staff and customer activity with active analytics
  • Notify customer by email with appointment status
  • Pro features
    • Filter events with more advanced options
    • Enable your customers to use coupons
    • Include Stripe and PayPal options
    • Get access to premium support

Amelia makes it easy to select appointments, and it only takes 5 minutes to set up. To experience more of this plugin try the demo here.

18. All in one Events Calendar event calendar

All in one event calendar/ events calendar by, lists events in the simplistic way for users to interact with.

This calendar allows sync with other web calendars and offers subscriptions for visitors to your calendar feed.

Its ability to sync between multiple sites is one of its main advantages and over 100,000 persons have become attracted to this awesome plugin.

Other features of this plugin include:

  • Show one-time or recurring events
  • Display multiple views calendar options
  • Filter events using specific categories
  • Integrate Google maps
  • Mark event types by color
  • Set featured events image
  • Use widgets to display upcoming events
  • Import other calendars into yours
  • Edit calendar with the theme editor
  • Each event is SEO optimized
  • Support for multiple languages makes certain to support its calendar plugin and also ensure they make it available to anyone. This is one of the top free plugins to choose from, learn more about them here

The Verdict

There are many options to choose from. The above list provides the best of the best based on purchases and installation statistics. It may take time to find the one you want but a good calendar plugin is definitely worth it.

Share your thoughts below about what calendar you use, and why it’s the best for you.



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